Academy for Cognitive Enhancement follows the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Program to teach children how to develop particular thinking skills, cognitive strategies, and problem-solving abilities. Our program includes activities that involve comparing, categorizing, analyzing, and sequencing to improve cognitive abilities. Social interaction is a key component in schools across the country. Our clinicians emphasize social and communication skills while encouraging self-expression and the developing of ideas.

We understand that many children will enter our program with a wide range of entry-level abilities, so each task in the program is optimally designed for each child or groups of children. Our services are designed to prepare children for the high expectations set by common core in school systems and provide a jumpstart for their educational journey. By following our program, we will help stimulate higher, faster, and enduring achievement among all students.

The tasks in our program are designed to enhance the following thinking skills:

  • Defining problems presented and understanding the questions asked to solve.
  • Developing thinking skills critical to optimal learning.
  • Basic cognitive operations that underlie mathematics by manipulating shapes into groups in which the child can divide, multiply, and count.
  • Hypothetical thinking and use of logical evidence.
  • Understanding verbal instructions and how to follow them which develops listening skills.
  • Identifying emotions and understanding the appropriate use of each emotion in a variety of situations.
  • Identifying the feelings and emotions of another by expressing empathy.
  • Learning socially acceptable behavior by predicting the outcome of possible responses to a conflict and judging the outcomes of various behavioral responses.
  • Regulation and control of behavior by identifying aggressive actions and analyzing alternate outcomes.
  • Identifying objects and establishing working definitions for objects.

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